25th May 2017

You may not know what to do if you are injured in an auto accident by an individual without insurance. The law requires you to have basic liability insurance to cover claims if you are at fault. About ten percent … more

16th May 2017

Medical experts are expensive and drives up the cost of a trial for the plaintiff. Will the Doctor always have to testify? That question was the subject of discussion in March of this year, when the Kansas Court of Appeals … more

28th Mar 2017

Will my own insurance company get part of my personal injury settlement? The answer is yes, no, maybe. Allow me to explain. In Kansas years ago when a person would get injured¬†in an auto accident the medical providers would sue … more

28th Feb 2017

Years ago an individual would be injured get an insurance settlement, and have Medicare pay all the medical bills. No more. Now Medicare has set up a system to be repaid if Medicare paid some or all of your injury … more