Topeka Auto Accident Lawyer

Topeka Auto Accident Lawyer

Joe Patton awarded Top 10 Attorney Award for Excellance

Joe Patton awarded Top 10 Attorney Award for Excellence.                             See our great Reviews, click here.

If you have been hurt in an auto accident, slow down…

     If you have been hurt in an auto accident, first of all slow down, before you sign any thing get some important information first so you can make the right decision. Find out if you need a lawyer, and the type of lawyer you need.  We provide information in this web site to help you with background information. We can also give you a free case evaluation. But first…

Here’s what you need to do:

First of all take care of your medical needs. There are time deadlines on your auto accident claim but the most important need is your health. Contact your regular family doctor and follow his or her advice.

Secondly, gather all the information about your accident. Names of the parties, photos of the vehicles, Photo of the other driver, photo of the license tags of each vehicle, names of any witnesses. If you need an accident report we can get that for you.

Thirdly review the background information we provide on this web page. Go to the top menu and click services and in the drop down menu click on auto accident. We can give you a free case evaluation and let you know if you even need a lawyer.

If you have not notified your own insurance company, do that. Most insurance policies will have medical pay provisions that will cover the initial medical bills and loss of wages. Have your company send you the forms.

Below you will find some background information about accidents but go to the menu above if you want more information about your legal claim. There are over 61,000 Auto Accidents in Kansas each year, Many of these auto accidents are in the metro areas including Topeka, Kansas. We are a Topeka law firm with a great love for Topeka and the people who live here. Topeka residents are not immune to auto accidents. We do not know the number of car accidents in Topeka but we all hear about them every day. Most of the auto accidents result from driver fault or negligence. If you are hurt in a Topeka auto accident, one of our Topeka auto accident lawyers can help you both to know your rights and settle your claim.

An auto accident hits like an explosion hurting everyone in the family. The auto accident can result in property damage, injury, permanent disability or death. You need a Topeka auto accident lawyer to help you.

After an auto accident in Topeka call our experienced auto accident lawyers, Patton and Patton Chartered.

There are good reasons to call a Topeka Auto Accident Lawyer at Patton and Patton.

The insurance company is not on your side; you need help. You are not represented by the insurance company. Get yourself an advocate. The insurance adjuster knows the law; you do not. The insurance adjuster wants to settle the claim as low as possible; you want a full recovery. One of our Topeka auto accident lawyers will be on your side helping you not the insurance company. Call us. The call is free.

We handle serious injury claims and calling us will give your claim the strong representation you deserve.

How much is my Auto Accident claim worth?

Well for starters you can bet it’s worth more than the insurance company will offer, and if not we will let you know right away. Usually, the more severe the impact, the more severe are the injuries and therefore the settlement is higher. Makes sense? But you will need someone to make sure your claim includes an evaluation of future wage loss, future pain, future disability as well as the current medical bills. We consider all these factors and more. We can go over the details in your first conference.

What kind of Auto accidents result in claims in Topeka?

Kansas Traffic Crash facts tell us that:

  • Inattentive driver results in 26% of the auto accidents.
  • The right of way violations results in 13.4% of the auto accidents.
  • Following too closely result in 10.6% of the auto accidents.
  • Too fast for conditions result in 7.1% of the auto accidents.
  • Improper Lane change results in 3.7% of auto accidents.
  • Under the influence of alcohol result in 3.7% of auto accidents.
  • Disregarding signs and signals result in 3.4% of the auto accidents.
  • Avoidance results in 2.9% of auto accidents.
  • Improper backing results in 2.7% of the auto accidents.
  • Other distractions result in 2.6% of auto accidents.
  • Running a red light result in 2.5% of the auto accidents.
  • Improper Turn result in 2.4% of the auto accidents.
  • Careless or Reckless driving result in 2.1% of the auto accidents.
  • Over steering result in 2.1% of the auto accidents.
  • Falling asleep result in 1.8% of the auto accidents.
  • Use of the cell phone results in 1.1% of the auto accidents.
  • Speeding results in .9% of auto accidents.
  • Improper passing results in .7% of auto accidents.
  • Driving on the wrong side results in .6% of the auto accidents.
  • Illegal drugs result in .5% of auto accidents.

We have offices in Topeka and Lenexa, Kansas. 

Talk to an auto accident lawyer today by calling for a free consult.

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