Do I Need a Lawyer?

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Personal Injury Lawyers

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Do I need a Lawyer? First find out if you need a Personal Injury lawyer. I have heard this question countless times, on the phone, in person, from friends, from new acquaintances, and from people who found my name in an internet search for a lawyer.

The question is always sincere and typically from someone who feels overwhelmed with the patchwork of systems which offer care for injured parties. Oftentimes, the question is from the family member of an injured person who is deeply concerned with whether there loved one will be ok.

The answer to the question “Do I need to hire a personal injury attorney” of course, depends on the circumstance of the injury. You may not need a lawyer. How did the injury occur? How long ago did it occur? Auto accident or fall? Was the injury at work? Whose fault is the injury? Is there liability insurance? Is the insurance company taking responsibility? What kind of regular health insurance do you have?

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Add Value in Some Cases

Those details all determine the kind of value a personal injury attorney can add to a claim for a recovery of losses due to an injury. As any lay person could imagine the results from pursuing a claim vary widely.

I could quote you the often cited stat that injury attorney’s on average recover 3.5 times more from insurance companies than individuals who deal with the insurance company on their own. I could imply big settlements if only you’d call me.

When You Need a Guiding Light

However, in my experience the reason people want to hire a personal injury attorney is because they want an assurance that everything will be ok. They want someone who has been through this many times and can show them the way to the other side. They just want things to be the way they were before they were hurt. That’s why its important to hire a personal injury attorney. The system of hospital bills, insurance, liens, and litigation has become so burdensome, injured people need someone they can trust to guide them through this complicated system. They need someone to make sure no one takes advantage of them. At Patton & Patton that’s what we do. If you’ve been injured, you can’t work, you get that huge hospital bill in the mail and you don’t know what to do.  It feels like you’re up against giants. At Patton & Patton we specialize in slaying giants for our clients. We will be there for you and see you through to the other side. We will do everything we can to set things right again. If you’ve been injured, I hope you call us. We want to fight for you.   

-Mike Patton

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