Should I Talk to the Other Insurance Company After an Accident?

Should I Talk to the Other Insurance Company After an Accident?

Should I talk to the other insurance company after an accident?

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Our clients often ask us, “Should I talk to the other insurance company after an accident?” After a car accident, the insurance company covering the other vehicle will likely request a recorded statement. We recommend you politely decline this request. The primary reason for this is an opposing insurance company does not necessarily have your best interest in mind when taking this statement. (I know, shocking right?)

Should I talk to my insurance company?

However, if it is your insurance company, ei, the PIP carrier for the accident, then you are likely required to give a statement. This requirement would come from your own policy agreement with the carrier.

If you have an attorney be sure to consult with him or her before you give the statement. Your attorney will give you practical tips on how to give an effective statement that won’t put your case in jeopardy now or later on in your case.

Rule #1 for a Recorded Statement: Be Honest

The first rule of giving a recorded statement is be honest. Nothing can destroy an otherwise good case like a dishonest statement to any party. So tell the truth, your lawyer will be trained to work with the facts of your case as they really are.

Rule #2: Be Complete

When talking to the insurance company, you do not want to inadvertently leave out important details regarding the facts of the accident or your injury. For example, if your knee is sore, but you think its probably not that big of a deal, don’t leave that fact out. Early in an injury you might not know how severe some initial soreness might become. Be complete.

Rule #3: Don’t Exagerate

While its important to be complete, you don’t want to exaggerate any details about you case either. Some people think this might help your case, however, let me assure you it does not. We, as your attorneys, will rely on physicians to prove any injury and as much objective information as possible. There is simply no need to exaggerate how you feel or the details of how the accident happened.   

Giving a recorded statement can be intimidating. That’s why is important to have an attorney in your corner who will fight for your case from the very beginning.

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