The Law Takes Your Pain Seriously

The Law Takes Your Pain Seriously

Chronic Pain

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Pain hurts.  When my client comes into the office, I can see it in their eyes. As a personal injury lawyer, I often see my clients experience agony which will not go away with simple ibuprofen. Usually my clients have experienced a severe physical injury. It might be a broken arm or leg. Whether a sprained neck, herniated disc in the back, broken ribs, torn meniscus in the knee, head concussions, I have seen it all. I have looked into their eyes as they attempt to tell me about how pain cripples their lives. Their eyes tear me up inside as well. I can not make their pain go away or take away the emotional toll the chronic pain has taken.  I am not a doctor. I am not a healer. I am a lawyer. As a lawyer, I have learned that walking alongside my clients through their chronic pain is essential to helping with their case.

Identifying with their pain makes me realize how wrong it is for them to suffer. I realize how wrong it is that another person was not careful. Our laws recognize the wrong too. Our law requires a measure of justice for two reasons. One it teaches the wrongdoer, and it also compensates the victim. The law has taught me to feel the pain.

This is why I empathize with their tears in my office and pound the table on their behalf in the courtroom.

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