When dealing with Goliath, here’s what you’ll need.

When dealing with Goliath, here’s what you’ll need.

                About a year ago, my son filed a claim on his homeowner’s insurance. He had found some water damage that had freaked him out. He didn’t know what else to do so he called his insurance company directly. They asked him a series of questions, that he thought at the time were innocuous. Something he said in that initial conversation resulted a few days later getting a phone call where the adjuster gave him those dreaded words, “We’ve decided to deny your claim.” He told me he could feel his heart rate go through the roof. He was terrified of having to pay for the repairs out of pocket.

                To avoid a similar experience when dealing with an insurance company after a car accident, you should look for help from a professional. The insurance company has an army of adjusters and lawyers, trained professionals, who are looking for any reason they can find to justify denying your claim. If you’ve had a claimed denied, it’s important to ascertain the adjuster’s reasoning:

  1. Maybe he’s arguing that their insured wasn’t at fault in the accident
  2. Maybe they’re arguing that there aren’t any commensurable damages.
  3. Maybe they’re suggesting that you’ve missed the deadline to file your claim
  4. Maybe they’re arguing that your injuries weren’t caused by the accident

Whatever the reason, it’s important to consult with an attorney to see whether or not they’re right. If the attorney thinks the insurance company was wrong in denying your claim, they may suggest gathering some evidence to establish your case and then send a formal demand letter outlining the reasons why your claim is valid. Either way, it’s important to have your case evaluated by a professional. You’re going up against Goliath. Why don’t you reach down and pick up a few stones before going out onto the battlefield? Give us a call.

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