11th Feb 2019

Babysitting, last Saturday, reminded me of the general practice of law. Here’s a brief of the legal issues dealt with this past Saturday night: 1.A mediation to decide the proper method of constructing a tent of blankets draped over chairs … more

Bed Sores and Nursing Home Negligence

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29th Jan 2019

Caring for our seniors

There are six type of bed sores, also called pressure ulcers. These are injuries to the skin due to prolonged pressure on the skin. These injuries limit the blood flow to an area resulting in redness, ulceration, chronic wound, or … more

18th Jan 2019

…from day one.

3rd Jan 2019

Topeka Auto Accident Lawyer

Check out our Great Reviews, Click here. High school kids, cars, and snow form a frightening cocktail of immaturity and danger. I have a vivid memory from my Sophomore year when a friend was giving me a ride to a … more