15th Mar 2019

Medical Malpractice

The day I met my best friend he had gelled hair with several carefully pieced strands that crawled down his forehead like the legs of the giant creature from season 2 of Stranger Things. He wore Abercrombie and Fitch, a … more

12th Mar 2019

My doctor indicated I have cervical sprain what does that mean? Click here to check out our Great Reviews! Cervical sprain, or sometimes called whiplash, is an injury to the neck often because of an automobile collision which causes forceful … more

8th Mar 2019

What I knew about lawyers came from Atticus Finch and my karate sensei. When my sensei wasn’t teaching me how to spar in a dojo, he was teaching his opponents a thing or two in the court room. Both figures … more

5th Mar 2019

Last year, I found a tiny crack in my windshield. It happened in the warm months, but I knew as soon as water found its way into the crack and froze, that tiny crack would expand. A friend told me … more