What should I do after a truck accident?

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12th Jun 2018

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Truck Accident Attorneys

Truck Accident Attorneys

Tractor trailer accidents often results in severe injuries and death more so other vehicle collisions. Truck drivers are under a lot of pressure to make quick deliveries and get tired after long hours of driving. These large trucks are harder to operate safely. If you can, call the police and report the accident. You will need a complete accident investigation report. Your health is most important so go the emergency room or other health care provider to treat your injuries and those around you. If you have a phone take a photo of the truck that hit your vehicle, the driver, and the license tag, including the DOT numbers and name of the company on the truck. Be sure you or another records the name of any witnesses. Take photos of your vehicle.

The trucking industry is highly regulated by both federal and state laws. Truck drivers must have substantial insurance policies that will pay money damages when the driver is at fault. Your recovery will include medical expenses, future medical experience, economic loss, loss of income, loss of wages, money for pain, suffering and permanent disability. After the initial events, you will want to hire a competent truck accident lawyer. We represented people like yourself who have been injured by negligent truck drivers. We are a highly rated experienced law firm. You can call us to ask questions, and the initial call is free. If we accept the case, we will represent you on a percentage of the recovery. You don’t owe us anything on this case unless we win. If you are in a trucking accident, hire a truck accident lawyer with experience. You can get our contact information by clicking on this link.

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