Own a car? Get car insurance.

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21st Aug 2017

Car Insurance

If you own a car in Kansas, you must have car insurance unless it’s included in a self-insurance plan or it’s an approval auto training car or is exempted from the act. The owner also has an obligation not to allow the vehicle to be used if it is not insured. You have an obligation not to knowing drive a car that is uninsured. You must produce proof of insurance to the police if they ask. Special rules for car dealers all them to be self-insured.

If you drive without car insurance, you are hurting yourself for three reasons.

First, there are penalties for failure to comply. Second, besides fines and potentially losing your license the law limits your recovery from an at fault driver. If you must have car insurance and do not then, you lose your claim to recover noneconomic loss in any lawsuit against the driver at fault. To get around this penalty, you would have to show the court by clear and convincing evidence you didn’t know your car was uninsured or show you lost your coverage within that last 45 days and had continuous coverage for the previous year.

Finally, if you don’t have insurance, you don’t have uninsured or underinsured coverage. If you have insurance and the at fault driver doesn’t you can file a claim against your insurance. If you have an accident and the at fault driver’s limits are too low to cover your claim you may have a claim against your underinsured policy. You lose all these benefits by driving uninsured. If you have been hurt in an auto accident, we can help you call us. 78-273-4330. www.joepatton.com

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