Got a Lemon

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21st Jun 2013

You may have rights under what is called the Kansas Lemon Law. If the new vehicle doesn’t conform to all applicable warranties and you report it to the dealer within a year, then the dealer shall make repairs to conform the car to the warranties. If they are not able to fix the car then they must replace the car or at your option accept a return with a full refund, less a reasonable amount for your use of the car. You calculate this amount from the most recent edition of Your Driving Costs, published by the American Automobile Association (also known as Triple A). The non-conformity must impair a substantial use or value of the car, and it cannot be due to your own abuse or neglect. You can make this claim against the dealer or the manufacturer. You will also have rights under contract law, as well as the Uniform consumer credit code, or uniform commercial code. If the transaction doesn’t take place here but the car is delivered in Kansas then this law applies. The Lemon law doesn’t apply to private purchases from private individuals. Used car buyers have fewer rights, but you can still enforce warranties and when you have a major problem revoke acceptance under the Uniform Commercial Code. You may also have rights under the Consumer Protection Act for any deceit or fraud.

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