No Fault Insurance

What is Kansas No Fault Insurance?

When you purchase a Kansas auto liability policy for your vehicle, the policy will have Personal Injury Protection benefits, or PIP for short. This is the no-fault part of your policy provides you certain benefits after a car crash even if the crash was your fault.  Medical bills are to be paid right away and then the liability policy of the driver at fault would reimburse the PIP company later. You should contact your insurance agent and ask for a PIP form to be sent to you. You fill out the form and return it to the insurance company to start the process.

The idea is to get the bills paid and then to sort out the liability later. Each policy must have PIP benefits by statute. Before this statute was passed the injured parties were getting sued by the medical providers because the liability insurance company would not settle until it got a full release and the injured party didn’t want to settle until they knew the full extent of their damages. As a result, there was a long period of time before the insurance money was available to pay medical bills, no fault insurance changes this. No fault insurance does not replace your claim against the driver at fault, it is just an extra benefit.
A person who owns a car must recover PIP benefits from his or her own insurance policy. If the injured person owns no vehicle, he may obtain PIP benefits from the insurance of the car he or she was in at the time of the accident. Click here for more information about auto accident claims.

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