Kansas and Missouri Personal Injury Claims

Kansas Personal Injury Lawyers, Patton and Patton

Kansas Personal Injury Lawyers, Patton and Patton

Kansas or Missouri personal injury claims involve a Kansas or Missouri accident where another person or company is at fault. If your accident happened in Kansas or Missouri, usually Kansas or Missouri laws will apply. The legal theory usually involves negligence but there are other laws that are used depending on the facts of your personal injury case. We have the experience with the law needed to help you achieve the results you want in your personal injury case.

We have years of experience in handling Kansas and Missouri auto accident claims and all types of personal injury claims.

There are a variety of situations and type of injuries that occur in auto accident claims. We will investigate your auto accident claim, gather the evidence, get the needed medical reports and prepare your auto accident case for the success you want and your family needs.

We provide a variety of legal services in both the Topeka and Kansas City area. including helping with claims involving Personal Injury Accidents, Auto Accidents, Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Trucking Accidents, on the Job Injuries, Workers Compensation, and Wrongful Death.

Handling an auto accident claim is a personal matter.  You can expect personal service and respect. We strive to offer you the best service. We are experienced and understand how to handle Topeka or Kansas City auto accident claims. We accept all types of personal injury claims in and around the states of Kansas or Missouri.

Topeka and Kansas City Personal Injury Claims.

If you are from Topeka or the Kansas City area be sure to give us a call. Since we are in Topeka or Kansas City, we have established the relationships with local medical providers to get the documents and records needed easily.

Kansas or Missouri Personal Injury Claims

A Kansas or Missouri lawyer is usually needed to handle a Kansas or Missouri personal injury claim. We are lawyers that help people who are hurt due to another person’s fault. The law can be difficult to understand without the help of a lawyer. A lawyer will know the law and help you apply it to your facts. Lawyers find the right legal theory to assist you depending on the facts of your personal injury. We have the lawyers that know the how to help you and have the experience you need.

Our Experience

The lawyers of our firm have years of experience. Don’t go up against an experienced insurance agent without your own lawyer. There are too many of situations where you can be confused and actually hurt legally without a lawyer. Our lawyers will handle your claim with care and will work to meet your family’s needs.

On the Job Injury

We also handle worker’s compensation claims.  You will also need a lawyer for your Workers compensation claim since Kansas worker’s compensation claims can become complex very quickly and a good lawyer can help you figure out your benefits. A lawyer can keep you informed so that you do not accidentally waive your benefits. Again, the insurance company will always have a lawyer; perhaps you should as well, and for the same reasons. A lawyer can be your expert and a lawyer can protect your rights.

Can you do it alone?

Many people attempt to start a claim thinking they can handle it without a lawyer. Usually they believe they will save themselves money if they don’t get a lawyer. It might be true from time to time that handling a case without a lawyer could save you money. However more often than not you really are not in a situation to know for sure if you need a lawyer.


For this reason we offer you a free initial appointment to help you decide if you need a lawyer. You can call a lawyer in our firm and we will talk to you at first over the phone. We can then set up an appointment for you to come into the lawyer’s office if you need additional questions answered. Our lawyers can often answer your initial questions over the phone and help you see that in the long run you will be better off with a lawyer on your side.


The lawyers in our firm are friendly and understand that you need quick answers. Our lawyers work hard to make sure we take these complex issues and explain the issues in plain English so you can make a good decision. Our lawyers have the heart of a teacher because they want to help you make the best decisions concerning your case or injury claim.

It’s so sad

We have many, many personal injuries in this country every year. The economic costs of those injuries are staggering. The average Economic Cost per Death is $1,420,000, for a Nonfatal Disabling Injury $78,700 and a mere Property Damage Crash is $9,100. These are average figures calculating all of the economic loss to the society and the individual. The real cost is personal. This is why they call this personal injury. Then the economic cost is coming out of your bank account and the suffering is experienced firsthand by you or one of your kids.  To make it worse most of the pain and suffering was caused by someone being negligent, careless or just not paying attention to what they are doing. Justice and the law require that something be done. It is simply not right to allow the costs to be paid by the victim.

We get it

We understand the complicated legal process and can help you understand it. We are trained in the law and we also have the experience of knowing how to obtain compensation for injuries just like yours. We deal face-to-face with insurance adjusters everyday who we know are trying to make sure that your claim is settled in a way that would help insurance company and not you. You can expect as to be aggressive advocates on your behalf.

The “go to” Lawyers

We have experience in representing clients in a wide variety of personal injury claims including auto accidents, car crashes, motor vehicle negligence, insurance claims, uninsured claims, hit-and-run matters, drunk drivers, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and slip and fall cases. We have experience in helping individuals who have had head injuries, brain damage, orthopedic injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, herniated disc, broken bones, and a wide variety of other injuries. Regardless of the nature of the injury or the type of accident you been involved in, we can help.

Trained Team

Our friendly, trained team members will get you in touch with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer who can help you. We have lawyers in our firm who have extensive personal injury litigation experience in helping individuals just like you. Give us a call for free case evaluation. Call (785) 273-4330 or in the Kansas City area (913) 228-1440.

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