Homeschooling in the Age of COVID-19

Homeschooling in the Age of COVID-19

Legal Discussion of Homeschooling

Governor Kelly issued an executive order to move the first day of school back by about a month to allow schools to prepare safety precautions.  The Kansas State Board of Education voted to kill the order.

The coronavirus is so widespread in the U.S. that many schools are unlikely to reopen anytime soon. Kansas, however, is going to open the schools. Parents and teachers are worried about the safety and wellbeing of our children. Many parents are thinking about homeschooling for the first time. One expert indicated, “You’re looking at an increase of about 8.5 million children, which is a five hundred percent increase.”

Many of my clients are asking legal questions about Home Schooling, so I contacted and interviewed Attorney and home school expert, Kent Vincent, on the topic. If you considering homeschooling, you will want to watch this short video.

Here are some additional resources.

Home School Legal Defense Association- legal and general resources

Christian Home Educators Confederation of Kansas- State Home School organization

Cornerstone Family Schools- Topeka Home School organization

Midwest Parent Educators-  Kansas City Home School organization

Teaching Parents Association- Wichita Home School Organization

Lawrence High School Virtual School 

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