Regarding Racial Unrest

Regarding Racial Unrest

Many are advocating what I believe to be SHORT TERM fixes to a centuries old problem. It’s being suggested that those of us in the black community use our economic strength to impact our society by waging a “Blackout”; spending no money on the 7th.

The problem, as I see it, is if we don’t spend it on the 7th, we’ll turn around and spend it on the 8th. Plus, the major expenses like mortgage, rent, utilities, car notes, insurance, etc. will not be impacted.

 What we need is a comprehensive strategic plan, involving dependence upon God, the power of prayer, and ongoing, engagement in very practical action steps.  There’s no one simplistic answer to the centuries old, sinful problem of racism; where some people think they’re better than others.

We need people of different persuasions, but with a mind to come and sit together because of the magnitude of the problem.  This could lead to real change.

When a country engages in war; in a fight for freedom, various approaches are taken.  Potentially, the fight occurs on land, sea and air. Therefore, different aspects of the armed forces are utilized.

In sports, members of the blue team would be in conflict with members of the red team; but needed to come together and realize they were members of the same team, pursuing the same joint dream for victory.

In a like manner, this fight for racial equality and justice, needs a multifaceted approach.  A comprehensive plan that confronts the problem from more than one perspective; the spiritual, emotional, practical/pragmatic.

Those of us who have this dream to win the battle for justice and equality, need to stop fighting each other and come together to fight the problem.  Unity around God’s principles is an environment He has promised to bless.

There are spiritual, emotional, practical/pragmatic problems, with different concerns, requiring different approaches.  Yet, the dream for each of us, is to win this battle and come up with some LONG TERM fixes!

I share these thoughts to the Glory of God, in the Name of Jesus and to the good of God’s people. -Cecil T. Washington Jr.

Cecil T. Washington is the current Pastor of the New Beginning Baptist Church. His education includes United Theological Seminary Extension in Flint, Michigan and William Tyndale Bible College in Detroit, Michigan. He has been married to his wife Audrey since June of 1969. He has 6 children. He has been a resident of Topeka, Kansas since March of 1985. He is also a well-respected leader in the community including being the current Chaplin of the Kansas State Legislature Senate and the House of Representatives

You can reach Pastor Washington through his web page

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