Kansas Personal Injury Accidents: Truck Accidents
You need a Topeka Personal Injury Accident Attorney: Truck Accidents

We have over 3,000 motor vehicle accidents in Kansas involving heavy or over the road trucks with hundreds of injuries and deaths. These cases include inattentive driving, right of way violations, driving too fast, following too closely, drivers under the influence, improper lane change, improper backing, improper turns, reckless driving, over steering, or even the driver falling asleep. Being hit by an over the road tractor trailer is everyone’s nightmare, and who doesn’t think about this while being passed by these big rigs. When the unspeakable happens and your vehicle is hit by a truck there is such great impact the injuries are often large. Although only about 1% of the accidents involve such a large vehicle, they account for over 8% of the fatal injuries in motor vehicle accidents with over 700 deaths in the last ten years or so. The sad news is the trend is going up with more and more serious accidents every year.

These trucking companies are required to have substantial insurance because of the high risk. The insurance companies are aggressive in handling the cases attempting to keep its loses at a minimum. You need a lawyer in a case involving a heavy or over the road truck.

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