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Justice is more than just a word.

We have a vision statement here at Patton and Patton: Justice is more than just a word.  We have dedicated our lives in this firm to the pursuit of justice. 

We live in a world where people often hurt each other; people sometimes suffer very serious injuries, get involved in conflicts and experience difficulties, all of which cause them to come into our office seeking legal representation. We are often their last resort.  

Although we cannot solve every problem, we can make sure that they get the best results in their particular case. Excellent service means we are making their lives better and bringing a measure of justice to their lives. 

We capitalize the word Justice because it is so important, it’s part of the very character of God and the basis for any civilized culture. If we do not do our job and do it well, people will suffer. That is why we care so much about our clients. We show that compassion by providing them excellent service.  

Joe Patton

Senior Partner

Joe Patton is the Senior Partner of the law firm Patton and Patton in Topeka and Lenexa, Kansas, former Kansas State Representative, and a Lawyer with great 5 Star Google reviews.

Mike Patton


I’ve practiced law at Patton & Patton for ten years. If you need estate planning, workers compensation, or personal injury services, I’ll likely take your call if you reach out to us. Unlike most large law firms who use paralegals as intermediaries, we make every effort to have regular and direct interaction with our clients. If you hire me, you’ll hear from me regularly to discuss your case, and I’m always available should you have any questions.

Abby Peoples


I work closely with each of our attorneys to help progress each case. This involves a wide range of duties including scheduling hearings and depositions, drafting documents, and making phone calls, to name a few. Our clients can expect to receive phone calls from me about appointments, scheduling, and general information and updates about their case. I love working at Patton and Patton because I’m able to help people. Often our clients are going through difficult things when they come to us, and we at Patton and Patton get to come alongside them and help them through it as much as we can. It’s an honor to serve each client to the best of my abilities.

Joey Patton

Office Administrator

I’ve worked as the office administrator for the last seven years. I make sure that your case work gets done quickly, efficiently, and on schedule. I’m in charge of the financial side of your case managing expenses and distributing checks when it’s all over. My goal is to make sure you feel heard and cared for throughout the difficult legal process. I love working at Patton and Patton because I get to work with my family! I hope that through this process you feel part of the family too!

Matt Patton

Marketing Director | Lien Coordinator

I work to coordinate insurance payments for our clients medical bills and identify outstanding balances and liens that might be entitled to reimbursement at the end of your case. I’m also in charge of our marketing. You might see an article written by me if you receive our monthly paper newsletter. If you don’t get the newsletter, let us know, and we’ll add you to the mailing list. I think you’ll love it!

Elizabeth Pendergrass

Administrative Assistant

I welcome clients into the office, schedule appointments, answer the phone and get them to the right attorney that can help them. I help the attorneys with all kinds of tasks that help your case go more smoothly . You’ll get a warm greeting from me right when you walk into our office or call us on the phone. I love working at Patton & Patton because of the way they live out their faith, the importance of putting the client first, and the great office environment. As a full-time college student, they are always understanding of my busy schedule. This is just one example of the many ways that Patton & Patton is willing to be flexible to work with people to meet their needs.

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