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Wichita Auto Accident Claims, Truck Accident, Motorcycle Accident and Personal Injury claims generally, become very complex very fast. Soon after the car crash, you need to know your deadlines, how to get the vehicle accident report, who to file a claim against, how to file your Wichita Auto Accident claim. Don’t be a victim twice. Our Wichita car accident attorneys can help

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You've Been Injured In An Accident. What Now?

Our free book gives you the legal guidance you need to make smart and well thought out decisions and make sure you’re not losing thousands of dollars.

Topeka Car Accident Lawyer

Know Your Legal Rights after a Wichita Car Accident

. Once you have a claim started you need someone on your side that understands the in’s and out’s of the process. You will notice right away that the Auto Insurance companies have a professional handling their side. As nice as they may be this is an adversarial process, which means their auto accident claims adjuster will not be able to give you the help and advice you need to make sure your interests are protected. Keep in mind you have a family to look out for and you can’t afford to accept everything at face value. You will only have one opportunity. We are experienced Wichita car accident lawyers, and we are here to help you. Give us a call!

Three Reasons to Call a Lawyer After an Accident

There are many reasons to call a lawyer after an accident but we thought we would share three of these reasons with you here. Here are the reasons in no particular order.

Reason Number One. The call is free. Our initial conference is free in personal injury matters. There is no hourly charge or initial retainer. In personal injury claims we handle the case based on a percentage of the recovery. If there is no recovery we do not charge you for our time.

Reason Number Two. You need information. This is usually the first time you have been involved in an accident. You really need some expert guidance from someone that is on your side and has your interest at heart. You will be contacted by a very sharp advocate for the insurance company, it is very important you understand your rights even if you do not hire a lawyer.

Reason Number Three. You really need an advocate now. If you are hurt you are distracted and it is easy to make the wrong legal decision. If you do not understand what you are signing, you could be signing your rights away.

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