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When you are injured in an accident, you can find yourself with an overwhelming amount of decisions to make.  Each decision has major repercussions.  You may have hoped that this is something that you can handle yourself, but the complications mount.  You are dealing with pain from the accident, growing medical bills, and an insurance company looking to settle while you are still trying to put your head around the situation.  On top of this, you aren’t sure when you will be able to get back to work.  These are waters you have never navigated and stakes feel so high.

You want help, but don’t want to be taken advantage of.

We understand the stakes.  We have helped thousands of people just like you make wise decisions amid personal injury claims.  At Patton & Patton, our goal is for you to focus on getting well, while we work to get you just compensation.  

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In the chaos that accompanies a personal injury, you need straight answers.  Simply fill out our free case evaluation form, and one of our lawyers will promptly reach out to give honest answers about your claim.

35+ Years Experience

When you are in the crisis of a personal injury claim, experience is at a premium.  Joe opened his practice in 1981.  You can have peace of mind knowing that your representation has been involved with and knows the intricacies of cases like yours.  

No Fee Until We Win

In personal injury cases, we don’t get paid until you win.  There are no catches and no hidden charges.  

Get Guidance On Your Case

When facing the complexities of a personal injury claim, there are a ton of questions you have never faced before.  We are here to offer guidance no strings attached.  You will speak to an experienced lawyer, who will help you understand factors that will improve your opportunity to receive just compensation.

A case evaluation is not a commitment to move forward with us as your representation.  We only take clients we are confident that we will be of value to.

Experience when it matters most.

We understand the pressures that you face when filing a personal injury claim.  For many, it is the first time working with professional counsel.  The last thing you need is to add more stress to this trying time.

Patton & Patton has been trusted by thousands of people just like you to represent them.  We built our reputation one case at a time by treating people right and getting them their just due.

Getting started is simple.

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Begin the process by filling out our case evaluation form.  Once we receive your inquiry we will respond with a phone call shortly thereafter.

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We aren’t going to waste your time with red tape.  One of our experienced lawyers will reach out and discuss your case with you.  This is a free service and there is no commitment to retain us as your counsel.

We Get To Work, You Focus On Getting Well

You have enough to worry about when going through the crisis of personal injury.  Upon hiring us you can rest easy.  We will get to work fighting to get you just compensation.

Get Honest Advice Before You Sign Anything. It Can Save You Thousands.

If you received papers from an insurance company regarding your Topeka personal injury claim, don’t sign them right away and, when you do, know what you are signing. One wrong decision cost one person $100,000! I won’t reveal his name, but this mistake was catastrophic, particularly since he was seriously injured. He had a clear liability case. His family repeatedly said that maybe he needed to hire a topeka personal injury lawyer, but he put it off thinking, “I have a lot of knowledge.” “I can get it all done and save money.” “It would be too hard to find the right lawyer.” These excuses were enough to keep him from making the right call. Eventually, after enough cajoling, he acted. He called me only to discover it was too late. He had signed a release without giving proper notice to his own insurance company. He discovered, to his horror, that the under-insurance company was off the hook for thousands of dollars, he had lost One Hundred Thousand Dollars!

Insurance forms will fill up your mailbox after a Topeka car accident like political postcards during the primary season. Should you sign these forms? The answer is no, at least, not at first. Never sign something you don’t understand. We can give you some general background information that will help you figure this out. Before you sign any documents, authorizations, releases, or contracts, it would be smart to discover if this is the kind of case you should handle on your own without a Topeka personal injury lawyer. Certain types of minimal injury or property damage claims you can handle on your own and will probably get to the same place with or without a lawyer. I will not take your case unless I believe I can add value over and above what you can get on your own. There are certain cases with serious injuries you can handle on your own because if there is limited insurance and no chance to recover a judgement you will end up in the same place. However, for other matters that are more complicated involving proof of liability, future damages, uninsured or under-insured issues, policy limits, or when the insurance company makes a low-ball offer, you will probably need Topeka personal injury lawyer. Sometimes cases fall somewhere in the middle, and folks will hire a lawyer because they know it’s just a hassle to deal with all the red tape themselves.

  1. Or find out with a FREE CASE EVALUATION.

In valuing your Topeka personal injury claim, the insurance company wants to get the case settled right away. Sometimes they make offers within days of the accident. You don’t want to settle it at that point. You want to make sure you know full nature and extent of your injuries and once you have a full understanding of what your injuries are, then you’re going to be able to follow the formulas that we’re talking about here to come up with a good, proper, reasonable and just value for your claim.

We’re going to give you the answers. We’re going to tell you how to lower your stress, calculate a value of a case. And if you need some help, you can feel free to contact us because I know it’s very confusing. You’re hurt. You’re in the accident. You’re worried about blowing your life savings. You have all these bills coming in, all these people calling you. It gets very, very confusing, particularly when they treat you like a criminal, as opposed to someone who’s been injured in the accident.

Let’s take a look at our background. We’ve been practicing law since 1977. We have a well-respected firm and we have very many satisfied clients. Most of our cases come from prior satisfied clients who have been through the process with us and understand that what we’re about is adding value to your case.

We don’t even take the case if we don’t think we can add value to your case. And in cases we don’t take, you can get our free book on how to handle a case yourself if that is your desire. But when we take a look at personal injury claims, there’s basic elements that you have to include in your claim to come up with the value.

We encourage you to go to kansasaccidentbook.com and get our free book entitled Every Person’s Guide To Saving Thousands Of Dollars In Your Auto Accident Claim. Many people have read that and found to be extremely helpful, particularly if you’re just new to this process and trying to get some background as to how to handle your case.

For detailed information on how to value your personal injury claim go to this free webinar at this link:

Topeka Personal Injury Lawyer Joe Patton explains how to value your personal injury claim.

And of course you can always give us a call. In this situation we give free case evaluations. Just give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you figure out what your case is worth. It’s been a pleasure sharing this with you. And if you’ve got any questions, let us know. You can call us at this number (785) 370-0001 or send me an email at pattonandpatton@gmail.com. Thanks a lot.

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