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Losing a loved one is a terrible tragedy. Unfortunately, too many people are left with a logistical nightmare on top of their grief. Without a Willl and other vital estate planning documents dividing assets can be overwhelming. Further, your assets might end up where you never intended them to go. Don’t wait! Give us a call, and we can get you on the right track to protecting your family’s future.


If you don’t have one, the State has one for you, and you won’t like how it turns out. Plan ahead. Be protected. A Will gives you and your family peace of mind. There are many problems and complications that you can help your family avoid with a properly drawn Will. If you do not have a Will, the Government will determine who will receive your property. For example if you have a spouse and minor children, the Government will have the property divided in half, with half going to your spouse and half to your children. Often you will want the estate to go to the surviving spouse knowing he or she will care for the children. You are in the best position to know what is best for your family. It is also important for you to designate a guardian for your children if you are unable to care for them.


With a trust you can guarantee your family is taken care of in the face of tragedy. We will make sure you understand how this instrument can be used to avoid probate, preserve assets, and take care of who matters most to you.


When a family member passes away you need someone you can trust to guide you through the probate system. Call us for a free consultation. Let us worry about the legal issues so that you can focus on the family. https://www.northwesternmutual.com/life-and-money/the-estate-planning-process-6-steps-to-take/ 


Who will handle your affairs if you become incapacitated? Make sure you have a trusted agent or family member designated to handle your affairs with a well drafted Durable Power of Attorney. End of life issues are never easy to discuss. Sit down with one of our professionals to see what your options are in friendly, common sense environment.  Help your family by having us prepare a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions. Should you develop a health condition that results in disability or incapacity, confusion often arises concerning important medical decisions. A durable power of attorney for health care decisions is a Power of Attorney by which you designate another to make certain important decisions. You can help your family in that difficult time by having us prepare the legal documents needed.

Families often struggle with medical decisions when a loved one is in his or her last days. You do not want these precious moments to be filled with conflict and tension. We can help. You can have us draft what is called a living will. A living will is a written statement of your wishes regarding medical treatment in the event of a terminal illness. 


Don’t let the State decide who has custody of your most important asset: your children. Call our attorneys today and let our family help yours.

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