What is a Neck Sprain?

What is a Neck Sprain?

What is a Neck Sprain

When two vehicles collide one common injury is a sprain or strain to the neck. The neck includes bones, discs, muscles, nerves and tendons all of which can be pulled or injured in a car collision. There are over a million injuries of this type in the nation each year. At the time of impact, the head jerks back, then forward and everything in the neck is pulled out of the normal position all of which can irritate or pinch nerves. The symptoms of this neck injury may not develop until days or even weeks after the car collision. You may feel pain, stiffness, have headaches, dizziness, numbness or even nausea. If a doctor took an x-ray it will show that the bones are not broken but the soft tissue may still have serious injury. The treatment can often include anti-inflammatory medicine, muscle relaxants or physical therapy.

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