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You were hurt in a car accident and now you are worried about blowing through your life savings or losing your home because you can’t pay all the bills because you can’t work. It’s all getting a little confusing with people calling you, asking you questions, and everyone has their ideas as to what you need to do and when.


Why are all these people calling me, pushing the burden on me, I’m the one that is hurt.

You are expected to make an unearthly number of choices every day, week, month, and all right now.

Many of the decisions you make change lives – for better or worse.

That’s a big responsibility that sits on your shoulders, and yours alone:


  • What if I can’t get back to work and my sick leave runs out? I have bills to pay.
  • Handling a conflict with the insurance company over which company is going to pay and went, and what. This is NOT easy and all too often it winds up with you giving up your time, money, etc.
  • Choosing to NOT handle certain issue will make everything worse.


Make the right choice…

You didn’t asked for the accident and now you hurt, you are out of work and facing endless choices, and paperwork.  Some choices wake you up at 2 AM and leave you lying awake, wondering what to do. They create a pit in your stomach. You shouldn’t live with that kind of anxiety. What if you could take away nearly all (or at least most) of the stress that comes with the TOUGH DECISIONS  and end up getting a great settlement at the same time?


I want to make these choices brain-dead simple for you.


Because, I really don’t want you to end up like this next guy…


One bad decision cost this person $100,000!

I won’t reveal his name, but this mistake was catastrophic…

Seriously injured he had a clear liability case.

His family repeatedly said that maybe he needed to hire a lawyer.

But then he thought…

“I have a lot knowledge.”

“I can get it all done and save money.”

“It would be too hard to find the right lawyer.”

All of these excuses were enough to keep him from making the right call.

Eventually, after enough cajoling, he acted. He called me only to find it was too late…

He had signed a release without giving proper notice to his own insurance company.

He discovered…

The insurance company was off the hook for thousands of dollars, he lost One Hundred Thousand Dollars !  

I have a book I wrote that will help you.

I can’t tell you everything in one book, but WHAT I CAN AND WILL TELL YOU is this book will make your decisions easier, faster, and better.


Find out:

  • Why 7 out of 10 people don’t win their case.
  • The most common mistakes that can cost you thousands.
  • How to get a free case evaluation
  • How to get a free auto accident report
  • Get an answer to the question: Do you need a lawyer?
  • Self-assessment on when to call a lawyer?
  • Clear steps if you will handle the case yourself.
  • How to Save thousands of dollars on your claim
  • How to get your case settled without paying a lawyer 1/3 or more.
  • Information you should get from any lawyer before you hire them.
  • Why you should never see the doctor your lawyer recommends
  • And much more.


All of this information is absolutely free.

Achieve Crystal-clear CLARITY in Decision-Making about your case While Making Wise Decisions that Multiply the amount of your settlement.

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