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A Few Tips for Reaching a Good Personal Injury Settlement

Reaching personal injury settlement can be a complicated process. If you’ve been injured personally and someone else is at fault, the law rightly demands that you be compensated. It’s just wrong for the person responsible to get off scot free without setting things right financially. Every client of mine wished I had a magic wand that would allow us to go back in time prevent the accident and the pain. I don’t have a magic wand, but I can get you full compensation and help you through this confusing process.

The only thing we can do to make it right is get you just compensation, but as soon as money is involved there are lots of people ready to pounce and try to prevent you from getting your settlement or take it away from you afterwards. You fall, get hit by a truck, T-bone accident, rear-ended by a drunk and it’s not your fault. You didn’t ask to be injured but sadly your problems have just begun. You may be entitled to a person injury settlement. Here’s a few tips that will help.

First Steps in the Settlement Process

First of all, decide if you have a case. Not every accident results in compensation or a personal injury settlement. Do you have a case? Learn more!

Secondly, ask yourself if you need a lawyer. Most insurance companies are set to process your claim quickly and efficiently, so if you only want to get the settlement and really don’t care about getting full compensation you might not need a lawyer.

Find a Doctor

Personal Injury Treatment
Find a Doctor

Make sure you get to the right doctor. Some lawyers will refer you their favorite doctor, which might be fine, but watch out. If the jury finds out that this lawyer is referring lots of cases to that same doctor for treatment that might just sink your case. You want a doctor that your trust and one that has the knowledge you need to help. A good place to start is with a referral from your regular family doctor.

After your treatment is complete find out from the doctor what he or she thinks the future might hold for you. Get the doctors opinion on whether you will have future limitations or disability, particularly anything that limits your future income. Also find out if you will have any future medical treatment and if so what type. You will want all these future problems considered in your personal injury settlement.

Next make sure the settlement is the right amount.

Click here for some guidance on how to start the process of valuing your claim.

Click here for information on Wrongful Death claims.

Watch Out for the Liens

Personal Injury Liens
Personal Injury Liens

Finally watch out for the liens. The word “lien” is a legal word that refers to all the claims various groups can make on your settlement. Common groups trying to take your settlement include your own insurance company, health insurance, pip carriers, medical provider liens, Medicaid and Medicare to name a few. Click below on some thought on how to prevent or reduce those lien deductions.

Common liens

Medicare liens

It is our honest desire to help you get through these stormy waters. Let me know if I can help..

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