Was the Nursing Home Understaffed?

Was the Nursing Home Understaffed?

Was the nursing home understaffed?

Serious injury and death can result from the nursing home, convalescent center, rest home, long-term care or rehab center from being understaffed. The medical providers must meet the standard of care to prevent and treat pressure sores and to provide the appropriate levels of hydration and nutrition. Your family member may have a claim if the treatment plan is not updated after a bed sore is discovered or if the patient is losing weight significantly. These patients require supervision and assistance with daily living activities.  If this level of care is foreseeable and not provided, it can result in a legal claim for damages. Frequent turning and pressure relieving devices can prevent pressure sores. Once the sore develops, the facility must have a proper care plan and provide proper care and treatment. Doctors orders must be given and carried out by the treating staff.

Both State and Federal law requirements provide that quality of care is a fundamental principle that applies to all treatment and care to residents. The facility must ensure that the residents receive the proper care and treatment and has sufficient staff to satisfy these obligations including: proper treatment of vision and hearing issues, skin integrity, pressure ulcers, foot care, mobility, free of accidents hazards with adequate supervision and assistance to prevent accidents, appropriate treatment for incontinence, colostomy, urostomy, ileostomy care, assisted nutrition and hydration, parenteral fluids, respiratory care, including tracheostomy care and tracheal suctioning, prostheses, pain management, dialysis, trauma informed care, and appropriate bed rails.

Kansas Requirements

How you can file a nursing home lawsuit

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