What’s an iatrogenic injury?

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11th Feb 2016

What's an iatrogenic injury

What’s an iatrogenic injury

What’s an iatrogenic injury

What’s an iatrogenic injury? This sounds like something that might happen aboard the Starship Enterprise, doesn’t it. Actually, it’s when the doctors get what they call a bad result. You and I call it malpractice or negligence when a doctor blunders and hurts you. This is an injury you have to live with for a long time and every day you think, “Why?”

It takes expertise to answer that question. Was the diagnosis correct? Why or why not? Was a complete history obtained? Did the medical provider do an exam and perform the right tests? Did the doctor ignore the tests or forgot to pay attention? Is a referral to an expert made at the proper time? Was the care timely and correctly performed?

A lawyer will become a medical detective searching out the answers for you. Then the attorney becomes your advocate organizing and presenting your case to the jury.

Call us. I promise I will never use the word iatrogenic while talking to the jury.

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