Does Medicare get part of my personal injury settlement?

Medicare personal Injury Settlement
Does Medicare get part of my settlement?

Medicare personal Injury Settlement.  Does Medicare get part of my personal injury settlement? Years ago an individual would be injured get an insurance settlement, and have Medicare pay all the medical bills. No more. Now Medicare has set up a system to be repaid if Medicare paid some or all of your injury related medical bills. When someone is negligent and hurts you, the law provides that you would have a claim against the wrongdoer. Sometimes it takes awhile before the parties settle or if there is a trial the jury reaches a verdict. Medicare might be making payments to the medical providers if so the law provides that Medicare is entitled to their money back.

There is a duty for you to report the accident and the details of the injury. You can make the initial report over the phone or go to Mymedicare.com. The reporting process is complicated, and our firm can help you through the process. Usually, we can get Medicare to reduce the amount they claim making sure they only claim reimbursement for items related to the injury, and also they consider the cost of procurement.

Medicare will send out an initial letter indicate what they think has been paid on our behalf. It will be important to review this itemization to make sure all the medical listed is related to the accident injuries and your claim If you dispute a line item there is a process for making that dispute, again you can do this online or by regular mail. We have found the online service faster but it a little difficult to figure out the first time through the process. There are substantial penalties if you attempt to take the settlement without considering Medicare’s interest.

Many other types of liens are asserted in a personal injury claim with different law and rules applying to each type of lien. It can be complicated. We are glad to help you through the process.

If you have other questions about Medicare and your personal Injury Settlement, give us a call. Click here for our contact information http://joepatton.com/contact/

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