How can I file a nursing home lawsuit?

How can I file a nursing home lawsuit?

Nursing Home Medication Mistakes

Caring for our seniorsNursing home lawsuit: How can I file a nursing home lawsuit?

You would be wise to contact a lawyer when thinking of filing a nursing home lawsuit because the process can become complicated very quickly. First of all, we will need all the records that are available which would include the medical records, nursing home records, correspondence, insurance contracts and nursing home contracts. It is helpful for us to interview the family, friends, and any friendly medical providers that are available.
The investigation results that we are looking for are the mistake or mistakes made, what caused the mistake, whether the mistake was the result of an act or omission of negligence, and specifically whether the negligence directly resulted in significant damages to the patient.
There are a wide variety of injuries inflicted on our seniors as a result of neglect including bed sores, medication mistakes, slip and falls, failure to recognize important symptoms, and other mistakes.
After the initial investigation, we have a family conference with you and other interested family members to share our opinion and put together a strategy for moving forward. We contact medical experts that may assist us or testify in the case. All cases are prepared as if they will go to trial. As one author said, the best way to get peace is to prepare for war.
After we draft a demand letter and undergoe preliminary negotiations, a lawsuit is filed. A lawsuit means filing with the court a detailed petition outlining the claim as well as the legal basis for the claim. The defendants will include the facilities and perhaps other medical providers depending on the details of the accident or neglect. Nursing home, assisted living, adult day care, convalescent centers, or rest homes can all be held liable for negligence or medical malpractice. Most cases result in mediation before an actual jury trial.
We feel very strongly about elder abuse and can help you stop this misconduct.

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